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Steps to a successful sale

1st step

Initial consultation

We look through the home to determine your needs and timeline. When selected to assist you we then decide sale dates and your specific needs after the sale. We offer clean out services also

2nd step

Sorting and set up

We sort and remove items not suitable for sale. We then carefully stage items so customers want to buy. We research items for fair pricing once home is staged.

3rd step

The sale

We create a welcoming shopping atmosphere with sufficient staff to cover the sale

4th step

After the sale

Within 7 days of completion of sale we meet with you with a sales summary total and payout check

Preparing for a sale

  • Do Not Throw Anything Away
  • Go throught the house and decide what items you or other family members wish to keep and clearly tag them
  • It's worth repeating, don't have a throwing away day. Many times items people think have no value do. Let us give you advice on all items before tossing
  • We are more than happy to look the house over in current state before you start going through it
  • If the house is going up for sale we recommend listing just before the sale. Many visitors equal sales exposure for the home

Reasons to hire an estate sale company

  • Peace of mind. Once we are hired there is nothing for you to do
  • We set up and staff the entire sale
  • We accept credit/debit cards
  • We do all advertising in buyer driven publications
  • We research the value of items to ensure the best price for you
  • We are bonded & insured
  • A company run sale will bring more customers
  • We offer creative solutions to liquidating a home. Not enough items? We can combine or consign items for a larger selection. The more items available the more buyers you attract
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